The Incomatti Madeiras Ltda can produce rough sawn lumber, AD, KD, or planned through own factories in southern Brazil and also through its partners / suppliers around the world.
With all the infrastructure our company is capable to provide more of 10,000.00 m3 of wood of various grades and species around the world.

With the installation of new factories in the cities of Piraquara - Pr and Sao Jose dos Pinhais - PR, our ability to provide KD wood or dried will increased considerably.

In Brazil, all production is approved and supervised by the competent institutions, IBAMA and IAP. The main goal of Incomatti Madeiras, in relation to raw material, has always been to maintain the balance between exploration and industrial environment, searching the minimum environmental impact on the extraction. That is our concern, we are certifying our forests to not only meet the market but integrating us to institutions with similar environmental concerns.

The whole area authorized for cutting, in Incomatti Madeiras, provides care for the native forest and its preservation, maintaining the ecological balance of the system, which includes the ecosystem. This is only possible through the choice of partner companies and competent professionals trained for this work. That's how we work with qualify woods just approved for extraction.

We are currently working with companies already certified either by FSC or Smatwood therefore are able to offer certified wood, either by itself or by the forest chain of custody in South America, North America and Africa, making us one of the few companies able to provide certified wood around the world.

Some species such as:

Ipê, Jatobá, Cumaru, Freijo, Muiracatiara, Massaranduba, Muirapiranga, Angelin, Kurupay, Kuruguay, Palo Santo, Cabreuva, Cabrueva Parda, Kabukalli, Tatajuba, Itauba, Kelebashout, Garapeira, Mogno (mahogany), African mahogany, Padouk, Douka, Teça, Iroko, Sapele, Sipo, Bahia, Ayous, Eyong, Wawa, Wenge, Ebony, Olive wood, Cocobolo, Granadillo, Rosewood, Solomon Padouk, Sucupira, Oak (White/Red), Black Walnut, Cherry, Cerejeira, Cedro, Nogal, Chanul, Gmelina, Mapple, Pino Caribe, Rubberwood and many other species
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