In the International scope the company counts on 03 units of storage and production to supply the market, and still on hundreds of diverse partners/suppliers in countries, as: Peru, Bolivia, Guyana, Congo, Ghana, Cameroon, United States, Mexico, Indonesia, India and others

Incomatti is capable to more than supply 200 wood species, such as:

Ipê, Jatobá, Cumaru, Freijo, Tigerwood, Massaranduba, Muirapiranga, Angelin, Kurupay, Kuruguay, Palo Santo, Cabreuva, Cabrueva Parda, Kabukalli, Tatajuba, Itauba, Kelebashout, Garapeira, Mogno (mahogany), African mahogany, Padouk, Douka, Teça, Iroko, Sapele, Sipo, Bahia, Ayous, Eyong, Wawa, Wenge, Ebony, Olive wood, Cocobolo, Granadillo, Rosewood, Solomon Padouk, Sucupira, Oak (White/Red), Black Walnut, Cherry, Cerejeira, Cedro, Nogal, Chanul, Gmelina, Mapple, Pino Caribe, Rubberwood and several others

In the international market also we act in the rude and benefited wood segment, but we increase our capacity productive, offering products as: decking, frames, jambs, floorings, baseboards, rough saw or smoothed, simply AD (air dey) and KD (kiln-dry), S4S, S2S, T&G, Plywood, doors, , Logs, Blocks and many other products better to take care of to all our customers. To be reference in sustainable solutions that support fertile and protected the environment, becoming it. From this principle, to produce solutions in wood adding absolute value to the products that commercializes. To get the best one resulted for business-oriented partnerships and of rendering of services; to constitute an extraordinary human group, that carries through efforts to add to the maximum value its customers, being kept a long and income-producing relationship for both; this is our mission. Through supply proper and of its partners, the Incomatti is today capable of supplier, in all the specifications, more than 60.000m3 of wood monthly through all its partners around it world. Although our certified wood source is at moment small e proceeding from great company, us we stimulate the use of the little species in order prevent the exceeding and fast exploration of the species that can put in danger its existence. Brazil is famous for its forests. Still out of the custody chain, but very close to receiving our certification FSC it ties of end 2009 , our company counts on wood certify for the FSC, WWF, SmartWood or still SGS through our partners.
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