INCOMATTI MADEIRAS was founded in 1999 in the city of Piraquara, State of Parana, Brazil and now is consolidating itself as one of the leading exporters of wood in the country. Acting in the wood industry, the company consists of professionals with over 25 years of experience in the lumber business, as well as forestry, by professionals.

Due to strong demand for products, the company was forced to seek new fields of production and there appeared a promising partnership, which currently has hundreds of partners / suppliers throughout South America, North America, Africa, India and Indonesia. Through this partnership, today Incomatti is capable to provide over 200 wood species, such as:

Ipe, Jatoba, Cumaru, Freijo, Tigerwood, Massaranduba, muirapiranga, Angelin, Kurupay, Kuruguay, Palo Santo, Cabreuva, Cabrueva Brown, Kabukalli, Tatajuba, Itauba, Kelebashout, Apuleia leiocarpa, mahogany (mahogany), African mahogany, Padouk, Douka Weave, Iroko, Sapele, Sipo, Bahia, Ayous, Eyong, Wawa, Wenge, Ebony, Olive wood, Cocobolo, Granadillo, Rosewood, Padouk Solomon, Sucupira Oak (White / Red), Black Walnut, Cherry, Cherry, Cedar, Nogal, Chanul, Gmelina, Mapple, Pino Caribbean and many other species.

We operate in over 60 countries such as Japan, Venezuela, Suriname, Peru, USA, UAE, Congo, Gabon, Nigeria, Indonesia, Finland, Vietnam, Nicaragua, England, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, France, Italy, Bolivia, Colombia, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Turkey, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Suriname, Denmark and others

In 1999, we had an area of ​​2.700m2, today we have 03 units with a total area of ​​over 49.000m2 and looking to expand our industrial park and trying to keep the forest area itself, where we intend to create a forest world model in order to preserve and give consumers highly advanced techniques of extraction and production, internationally recognized by environmentalists, making possible to obtain raw materials of excellent quality, without compromising the ecosystem.
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